Sunday, 5 June 2016

Finally no longer a virgin

For many years I had been dreaming of losing my virginity.  For some years I have been chatting on adult friend finder; finding someone to talk is easy there for any lady. With some men I have had long-term contact, exchanging messages every now and then. I have also tried cam sex, but have been too shy to meet up since my last encounter with a stranger some years ago.

Finally, this April, I met Alan, 58 and of African origin.  I had known Alan for some time and we had been exchanging messages for at least a couple of years. One day in April I thought to myself 'now or never' and I invited him around after he made me feel totally special. I know he adored me and was longing to meet and sleep with me for a very long time. We had agreed to meet at my place at 8 PM that Saturday night and I did what a woman does before meeting a man for intimacy.

Alan got into bad traffic and arrived well after 8 PM, leaving me aroused all the time I waited. I was very nervous, but I was looking forward to sleeping with a man for the first time and just know what it would feel like to get penetrated. My vagina was dripping by the time Alan arrived, but I think he could tell I was very nervous.

We sat down at the kitchen table and talked for a while before he started touching me. We were both still fully clothed and he put his hand between my legs and looked me deep into my eyes. It felt right and I felt ready for it. He asked me again if it is really true I am a virgin and I told him yes and that he needed to be gentle. I knew he has a partner and needed him to understand that I had not had sex before.

As we got up we started undressing. I took everything off except for my  nickers and sat on the sofa. Alan was naked and I saw his penis for the first time. It was thick but not too much and I was looking forward to feeling it in me. I lay on the sofa on my back as Alan wanted me to take off my knickers. I lay down on my back again, while Alan put on a condom and kneeled between by thighs. He started penetrating me - the first time a penis entered my vagina. Something very hard and warm entered me centimeter by centimeter. I felt slight discomfort only, which disappeared as Alan stayed in me for a little longer and my vagina got used to his penis.

This was it. The experience I had been waiting for so long. A mature man in me and on top of me, fulfilling both of our dreams. Just the way I had seen it in erotic videos so many times. Now it was just the two of us, on my sofa, the curtains to the balcony closed, the living room door shut and total silence. Just our breathing.

Alan started moving and fucked me slowly, before he became faster and pushed harder. I said 'not so deep' and enjoyed being there for him, giving away my vagina and my body to a man who wanted me so very badly for so  very long. I closed my eyes as he fucked me and my big breasts moved back and forth with every push. I felt his penis moving back and forth, which was the best of all feelings. During all this time I was on my back, in missionary position, as Alan sometimes rested his head on my chest and caressed by breasts. And so we continued.

I have yet to experience sex for the second time. What I look forward most is feeling a thick, warm and hard penis stretching my vagina while being fucked slowly.