Saturday, 16 January 2010

knickers I like

I think I will blog about my favourite knickers every now and then and here is one of them. It's black as you can see and it is some kind of transparent. I do like to wear them at night, dont ask me why; I hardly ever wear them during the day, but sometimes at weekends. For some reason, I often change my knickers twice a day, again, dont ask me why :)

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I also took a photo of my bum in those knickers because some if you told me you would like to see that.


frimki said...

hübsche kurven ;) sieht man(n) immer gern. grüße frimki

bigbeautiful said...

danke, ich habe noch ne menge mehr slips lol da kommen sicher noch aehnlich bilder :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sexy sweet ass, perfect to kiss it all over :P but not only ass, for sure.. ;-)